On 2-absorbing and weakly 2-absorbing principally right primary ideals

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.


Let R be a noncommutative ring. The purpose of this note is to investigate the concept of 2-absorbing (resp., weakly 2-absorbing) p right primary ideals generalizing 2-absorbing (resp., weakly 2-absorbing) ideals of noncommutative rings. From Birkenmeier we have that for commutative rings the notions of primary rings (ideals) coincide with p right primary rings (ideals). Hence all results about 2-absorbing and weakly 2-absorbing primary ideals for commutative rings will follow as special cases from results proved in this note. A number of results concerning 2-absorbing (resp., weakly 2-absorbing) p right primary ideals are given, generalizing the corresponding results from commutative rings to noncommutative rings.