Aims and Scope

  • The Journal of Algebra and Related Topics (in short JART) is a publication of the University of Guilan in English. JART is an international mathematical journal founded in 2013. JART publishes high-quality original research articles in Algebra with the following topics:

  • Ring and Module theory, Group theory, Semigroup theory, Linear Algebra, Algebraic combinatorics, Algebraic graph theory, Homological Algebra, Algebraic topology, Fuzzy Algebra, Cryptography.

  • JART is an international open-access journal that provides free access to its articles to anyone.

  • All contributions to JART are published free of charge and there is no article submission charge. JART publishes two issues each year.

  • Submission of a manuscript by an author implies that the article has not been published elsewhere and it has been approved by all co-authors if there are any. Also, it means that the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any language without the consent of the copyright holder.