Guide for Authors

  • All papers should be prepared in LaTex and the pdf file should be submitted by using the “Online Submission” section on our Website All papers submitted to JART are subject to peer review. Upon acceptance of the paper for publication, the author (s) should send the LaTex source of the paper which has been provided by the JART Latex template.


         Preparation of manuscript

  • The manuscript must include a title, the author’s name, an abstract of 150 words or less, the keywords, and the 2010 Mathematics subject classification codes. At the end of the manuscript, all authors give their complete address along with an email.

  • References should be given in alphabetical order and must be organized as in the next examples.

  • [1] F.W. Anderson and K. Fuller, Rings and categories of modules, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1974.

  • [2] C.P. Lu, Modules with Noetherian spectrum, Comm. Algebra 38 (2010), 807-828.


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