Triple factorization of non-abelian groups by two maximal subgroups

Document Type : Research Paper


Islamic Azad University


The triple factorization of a group $G$ has been studied recently showing that $G=ABA$ for some proper subgroups $A$ and $B$ of $G$, the definition of rank-two geometry and rank-two coset geometry which is closely related to the triple factorization was defined and calculated for abelian groups. In this paper we study two infinite classes of non-abelian finite groups $D_{2n}$ and $PSL(2,2^{n})$ for their triple factorizations by finding certain suitable maximal subgroups, which these subgroups are define with original generators of these groups. The related rank-two coset geometries motivate us to define the rank-two coset geometry graphs which could be of intrinsic tool on the study of triple factorization of non-abelian groups.